Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Children Charity Collab

I come to you today to show a Charity Collab I was involved with called Happy Children Charity Collab. This kit was put together to help Lisa.. here is a bit of her story...
Her name is Lisa and she comes from Ukraine and in Ukraine such medical treatment is unavailable! So they found a hospital in Germany - Berlin from the organization "Ein Herz für Kinder" is one of the biggest Organizations to save children in Germany. The main obstacle is a cost of medical treatment which is estimated at 100-150 thousands euros until now they collected 60000 Euro and they need 56000 Euro for professional medical treatment.


Charity Collab "Happy Chilrdren" to save little Lisa by HK Designs, BubbleScrap, Scrap Anonymous, A-liya, Elo Designs, MeKa Designs, Faba Scrap Designs, DDA, Pixelperfect, Roseytoes

Kit include:
115 Elements
4 Word Arts
48 Papers

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