Sunday, November 22, 2009

woot!! Getting myself together!! New kit and freebie

Woot!! What a great weekend..! I finished up my new kit, made my blog over and got new blinkies and a banner to match.. Plus I finally got a newsletter together ---------> link on right hand side..!
yay!! I am just so pleased.. Anyway.. lets get to the good stuff ehh..? So here is my new kit Autumn Dreams.. you might remember my little NDS freebie.. well this is it made into a full kit.. You like??? This kit has such a warm , sun kissed feel.. Hope you love it.. Plus I pulled it apart into separate packs if you are not looking for a full kit..! Plus they are all on sale for 30% off!! What a way to start the week eh??

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And a little QP freebie so you can get yourself a little taste..

qp no longer free... sorry time has expired.

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